Academic Transcript Guidance and Best Practices


2015 U.S. Higher Education Transcript Practices and Best Practice Opinions (AACRAO)
In April 2015 AACRAO released an updated version of the 2009 “Transcript Practices, Student ID Numbers, and Name Changes” Survey. This report is a summary of the results from the new survey. 

AACRAO Best Practices for PDF Transcript Exchange
The AACRAO SPEEDE Committee developed a list of best practices for PDF transcript exchange that includes usage data and various options and methods.

Electronic Transcript Task Force Report
In April 2008, the AACRAO Vice President for Records and Academic Services appointed an ad-hoc task force to evaluate the current state of technology and the various options that have become available to records officers regarding electronic transcripts.

eTranscript Vocabulary Guide
SUNYRA-developed vocabulary sheet designed to facilitate discussion.

FERPA Compliance: Department of Education Privacy Technical Assistance Center
The PTAC was established to help institutions achieve data security by offering training, consultation, legal documentation and best practices for education technology solutions.

FERPA Compliance: Data Security Checklist (PDF)
Provides a succinct checklist that can be used to help assess data security and provides guidelines for developing and maintaining a successful data security program. (PTAC)

FERPA Compliance: Protecting Student Privacy While Using Online Educational Services (PDF)
This guidance should clarify questions related to student privacy and the use of educational technology in the classroom. (PTAC)

PCI Standards (Payment Gateways, Credit Card Processing)
Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS) was established to help safeguard customer information when using payment cards of account data. The standard sets requirements for any business that stores, processes or transmits payment cardholder data.

Post-Secondary Electronic Standards Council
Includes information about EDI standards, XML standards and other data standards relevant to e-transcript services.

Co-Curricular Transcripts, Addendums and Transcript Extensions

Co-curricular Transcripts: Documenting Holistic Higher Education
Gutowski, J. (2006). The Bulletin (Association of College Unions International)

Extending the Transcript Framework White Paper
A result of AACRAO 's collaboration with NASPA and other higher education groups to identify emerging practices in collecting, documenting, and distributing student learning outcomes and competencies, co-curricular activities, and other educational experiences.

Providing Context for the Contextualized Transcript: A Case Study
The University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill is engaged in an ongoing project in adopting contextualized transcripts to provide additional background for how a student performs in a class.

The Extended Transcript - AACRAO TTC
Considerable innovation is taking place at colleges and universities as faculty explore how best to identify and record student learning experiences, create new delivery models and assignments, and develop assessments and rubrics to measure student learning.

SUNY Transcript Project

SUNYRA is participating in a SUNY exploratory committee focused on developing electronic transcript (e-transcript) solutions for SUNY institutions and their high school partners. The committee is a joint effort of SUNYRA, SUNY System Administration and the SUNY Council of Chief Information Officers (CCIO).

SUNYRA Project Updates

Download the Memo and Announcement
Announces SUNYRA's involvement in the e-transcript exploratory committee. (Membership Confluence Login)

Download Update Memo #1
This memo updates the membership on committee progress and discussions, and requests additional feedback and comment. (Membership Confluence Login)

Download Update Memo #2
This memo updates the membership on the outcomes of the conference call, and requests participating in a followup survey. (Membership Confluence Login)

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