Business Partner Conference Participation

Our conferences are successful due in large part to our excellent business partners. SUNYRA invites partners to attend and participate in our conferences. Business partners will receive table placement in a high traffic common area of the conference, and will have the opportunity to network with SUNYRA attendees from across the state. In addition, SUNYRA has a tradition of supporting engagement through a having a series of business partner engagement activities and social events. Register today for this high impact opportunity.

Business Partner Additional Sponsorship Opportunities

Beginning with our Fall 2019 conference, SUNYRA will be offering opportunities for our business partners to sponsor aspects of the conference.  Full and partial sponsorship opportunities are available.  Full sponsorships will take preference over any partial sponsorships that are received.  Otherwise, sponsorships will be granted on a first come, first serve basis.  Should your selection no longer be available, we will reach out to you regarding other available opportunities. With sponsorship, the business partner will be listed on our agenda, verbal acknowledgement will be made prior to the activity, the partner may post signage and/or table tents (to be provided by the partner) during the sponsored event, and the partner may place giveaways (to be provided by the partner) on tables during the sponsored event.