Constitution of the State University of New York Registrar's Association


The name of the organization shall be: State University of New York Registrars' Association (SUNYRA).


The purpose of the Association shall be to promote and provide for the exchange of information and ideas regarding current and proposed polices and procedures affecting registrars' responsibilities and accountabilities as they relate to the State University of New York, accrediting associations and national norms. Such exchange of information and ideas should serve to identify problems of common concern to registrars within the State University of New York system; to improve the articulation between the State University of New York campuses in the registrars' areas and to provide input into the formulation of State University of New York policies that relate to registration, student records, personnel practices, computer technology, and other related support services as they may affect our profession.


Section 1: Eligibility

Membership In the Registrars' Association shall be institutional and will be open to the University Centers, the Health Science Centers, the Arts and Science Colleges, the Specialized Colleges, the Agricultural and Technical Colleges, the Statutory Colleges, and the Community Colleges within the State University of New York

Section 2: Voting Member

Each member Institution will appoint a voting member for their Institution and communicate the voting member's name to the Treasurer on the yearly dues invoice.

Section 3: Voting Member Eligibility

The voting member shall be the person primarily responsible for Registrar activities at their institution.


Section 1: Titles

SUNYRA shall have a President, Executive Vice President, Vice President for Information Systems, Treasurer, Secretary, Financial Liaison and four Regional Vice Presidents. This group, with the addition of the most recent Past President, will serve as the Executive Board for SUNYRA.

Section 2: Terms

Except for the Financial Liaison, the terms of office for all Executive Committee positions shall be two years. The associated terms of office will commence with election to office at an Annual Business Meeting in the fall, and will expire at the next appropriate Annual Business Meeting. Furthermore, with the exception of the Financial Liaison, no member shall serve more than two consecutive terms in the same position. 

Section 3: Official Progression, Elections, and Appointments

To provide for continuity and sound management practices within the SUNYRA the voting membership shall elect the Executive Vice President  on the even year during the fall Annual Business Meeting. The Executive Vice President shall assume the position of President two years later at the Annual Business Meeting. 

To provide for continuity and sound management practices within SUNYRA, the voting membership shall elect the Secretary, Region II- Vice President, and Region IV- Vice President at the same Annual Business meeting (even years). Then alternating on an annual basis the election of these officers with that of  the Treasurer, Vice President for Information Systems,  Region I- Vice President, and Region III- Vice President (odd years).

The Financial Liaison will be a member of the Registrar Staff at the institution willing to host the funds of SUNYRA. The Financial Liaison will be appointed by the President.



  • Calls and presides over all regular and special meetings of SUNYRA.
  • Calls and presides over all meetings of the Executive Board.
  • Appoints members of the Registrars' Association to fill vacancies in the membership of the Executive Board, in consultation with the Executive Board.
  • Presents an Annual Report to the Registrars' Association at the Annual Business Meeting detailing membership gains/losses, conference activities and committee summaries.
  • Executes all contracts on behalf of the Association.
  • Updates Constitution as amended by members and forwards revisions to Vice President for Information Systems for publication.
  • Notifies institution members of any special charges approved by the membership.
  • Coordinates the activities of all Vice Presidents.
  • Works with the Executive Vice President on conference programs.

Executive Vice President:

  • Presides In the absence of the President.
  • Assists the President in carrying out the business of SUNYRA.
  • Presides over all cracker barrel sessions of the general membership meetings.
  • Responsible for coordinating conference programs including obtaining speakers and establishing the final agenda.
  • Has primary responsibility for the call of names to create the slate of nominations for vacancies on the Executive Board and is responsible for elections at the Annual Business Meeting.

Vice President for Information Services:

  • Has primary responsibility for developing, enhancing, maintaining the SUNYRA website and databases. This may include but not limited to membership data, posting of conference information, listserv survey results, and vendor-related information if appropriate.  
  • Coordinate and maintain membership for SUNYRA Listserv in cooperation with the Treasurer. 
  • Archive all SUNYRA official documents for historical reference.


  • Keeps minutes of all regular and special meetings of SUNYRA and the Executive Board business meetings.
  • Prepares summaries of the conference sessions for distribution to the membership.
  • Publishes and updates other SUNYRA correspondence as requested by the President. 



  • Records and accounts for all Income and expenses of the Registrars' Association.
  • Notifies institution members of any special changes approved by the membership.
  • Notifies membership of payment deadline for annual institutional membership dues each August. 
  • Coordinates an annual financial review of the organization's finances with an assigned Regional Vice President.
  • Initiates requests for all deposits and withdrawal of SUNYRA funds.

Financial Liaison: 

  • Responsible for overseeing and managing the preparation of reports, statements and maintains operational records.
  • Manages departmental operations with authority to make commitments relating to expenditures and revenues.
  • Maintains online registration and payment operating systems.
  • Supervises the administration of check creation and disbursement. 
  • Participates in planning and policy development for membership, financial and operational activities with the Executive Board, President and Treasurer.

Regional Vice Presidents:

In addition to bringing the interests/concerns of the institutions within their region to the Executive Committee, each Regional Vice President will serve as one of the following:

Forms and Conference Materials Coordinator

  1. Responsible for developing, generating, and distributing all conference materials to members.
  2. Work with other Executive Board Members to insure that materials are complete and accurate prior to distribution.
  3. Where appropriate, the coordinator will send materials to the Vice President for Information Systems for website posting. 

Conference materials include, but are not limited to:

  • Conference site directions
  • Conference registration forms
  • Conference evaluation forms
  • Room reservation forms
  • Nomination forms
  • Cracker-barrel slips
  • Membership update surveys

Member Registration Coordinator: Responsible for all conference registration activities including but not limited to:

  1. Collects all member registration forms and fees.
  2. Prepares conference name tags with appropriate annotations (e.g., vendor, speaker,1st time attendee
  3. Reminds and encourages all members to register.
  4. Works throughout the each academic year to contact non-participating schools to Increase conference registrations.
  5. Creates conference attendee lists and conveying latest attendee information to the Vice President for Information Systems.

Site Coordinator: Responsible for the smooth operation of .each conference by handling the details including but not limited to:

  1. Developing a list of potential sites under the guidelines established by the Executive Board.
  2. Working with venue sales offices to determine room rates, meal charges and menus, conference rooms, AV equipment etc.
  3. Providing detailed cost information to the Executive Committee during the planning stage for future conferences.
  4. Responsible for coordinating purchases of speaker gifts, take-a-ways, any appropriate decorations if deemed necessary. 

Vendor Coordinator: Responsible for all vendor related details including but not limited to:

  1. Develops contacts with vendors of interest to Registrars' Association members throughout the year.
  2. Working collaboratively with the Treasurer and Financial Liaison to confirm vendor registration and fee payment. 
  3. Contacting vendors with conference dates, locations and agenda information.
  4. Coordinating registration procedures with VP for Information Systems and Financial Liaison.
  5. Working collaboratively with the Site Coordinator and conference site for vendor set-up requirements
  6. Managing vendor presentation scheduling.
  7. Developing vendor conference documents.

Past President: 

  1. Responsible for maintaining the historical records of the Association
  2. Acts as Parliamentarian at all meetings.


Section 1

The Annual Business Meeting of the Association shall be held in the Fall. At least one additional meeting of the general membership may be scheduled by the Executive Board.

Section 2

Special meetings may be called by the President as necessary or at the recommendation of the Executive Board. Ample lead time should be provided to the institutional members.

Section 3

The Executive Board shall establish a regular periodic meeting schedule to conduct the business of SUNYRA.

Section 4

Parliamentary procedure shall govern the conduct at all meetings.


Section 1

Invoices for annual SUNYRA membership dues will be distributed in August of each year. Annual dues of $100.00 for each member institution will be due to SUNYRA prior to the Annual Business Meeting during the fall conference. Unpaid dues will result in inability to participate in SUNYRA sponsored events, conferences and discussions. Listserv access will be revoked or denied.

Section 2

Determination to levy additional fees or special assessments requires a two-thirds majority vote of the membership.


Section 1

Each member institution will have one vote for all elections with the exception of votes taken for Regional Vice Presidents. In voting for Regional Vice Presidents, only those member Institutions within the region are eligible.

Section 2

Voting for officers of the Registrars' Association requires only a simple majority of voting members present for election to office.

Section 3

Voting for special fee assessments requires a two-thirds majority vote of voting members present at a general membership meeting.

Section 4

Voting for amendments to the Constitution can only take place at the Annual Business Meeting and requires a two-thirds majority vote of voting members present at the Annual Business Meeting. Proposed amendments to the Constitution must be submitted to the Executive Board. The Board will discuss submissions and move proposed amendments forward to membership. The Vice President for Information Systems will post submissions to the SUNYRA website prior to the fall Annual Business Meeting. The proposed amendments to the Constitution must be distributed to member institutions 30 days prior to the Annual Business Meeting.

Fall 2010 Revisions Applied
Fall 2014 Revisions Applied