Members of the Awards Subcommittee honored two recipients with honors during the Fall 2017 Conference. This was the first time SUNYRA sought to recognize members for outstanding achievement. The Executive Board has adopted this as an annual tradition to be included as part of membership business meeting which takes place each fall. Nominations from the members are submitted to the subcommittee who recommend award recipients to the Executive Board. There are two awards, the President’s Award and the Professional Excellence Award. This fall Karen Chico Hurst received the Professional Excellence Award and Peter Dowe received the President’s Award. We congratulate Karen and Peter on this honor and thank them for their continued support of our organization, individual members and the profession as a whole.

Members of the Awards Committee:                                                                  

  • Mary Aldous, Director of Registration and Records/Registrar
    Adirondack Community College   

  • Christine Johannesen, Registrar
    SUNY Cobleskill

  • Lyndsey Oliver-Farewell, Associate Registrar
    University at Buffalo

  • Memorie Shampine, Registrar
    SUNY Canton

Award for Professional Excellence

Criteria for the Award for Professional Excellence, outlined below, granted by the executive board with the recommendation of the awards subcommittee who collect nominations from the membership. Nominees must be members of the organization.

  • Advocates for SUNYRA, students and profession.

  • Significantly contributes to improving business processes of the Registrar’s Office at the nominee’s institution in support of student service.

  • Possesses an outstanding functional/technical skill set.

  • Works with other SUNY campuses, system administration and SICAS to advance SUNY initiatives.

2017 Award for Professional Excellence

Karen Chico Hurst, University Registrar at the University at Albany, was the first to receive the Professional Excellence Award. Karen received multiple nominations from the membership. Karen serves SUNYRA in multiple capacities. Karen serves on the advisory group to the National Student Clearinghouse on behalf of Registrar’s across the country. She is currently serving with two fellow members in pursuit of a system contract for scheduling software, which once in place, will allow all SUNY Registrar’s ease of acquiring the tool which significantly improves the registration process for students. Karen volunteered to host the SUNYRA list serve and the work of maintaining it as a resource to our membership. Karen is always responding to members’ questions, no matter the day or the hour, and her response are always well thought out and researched.

President’s Award

Criteria for the President’s Award, granted by the Past, Present and Future President’s, when the criteria has been met for the award. Nominees must be members of the organization.

  • An individual who stands out amongst the membership as having a strong understanding of the intricacies of the profession.

  • An individual who goes out of their way to maintain the standards of the profession.

  • A member who has a ‘can do’ attitude and does a great deal for the membership as a whole.

  • A person who members look to for guidance and direction when new initiatives influence the work of our membership.

2017 President’s Award

Peter Dowe has been employed for 35 years at the College at Brockport.  Initially working in Residential Life, he help students to adjust to college.  As Area Coordinator/Assistant Director for Housing, he was charged with implementing a First Year Living Experience.  Through collaborative planning with faculty, a workshop series was developed that exposed new students to a variety of academic disciplines and very interesting faculty. These experiences helped Peter to understand that students learn in a variety of ways and often need informal mentors to help them grow.

For the last 25 years, Peter has been in Registration and Records and served as the College Registrar for the College at Brockport for the past 15 years.  This is a very unique role as he is the caretaker for “Institutional Values and Integrity” and also expected to solve problems for students and faculty alike.  Throughout his time in the Registrar’s Office, Peter has learned to be creative in his approach to the job and to listen and ask questions because people don’t always ask the question they want answered. 

Peter has been truly fortunate over the years because his positions has been challenging. Whether it was the day to day dealings with student and faculty or working on projects to implement software system such as Banner and Degree Works, he has found the people he comes into contact with make the job fun.