Membership Survey

This brief membership survey is designed to help gain insight into conference/meeting attendance, and to understand what the membership sees as the most valuable and helpful aspects of our conferences.  If you have a moment, please help us by completing this brief survey, which should take less than 5 minutes to complete.

Background Information
Name (Optional)
Name (Optional)
What type of institution are you from?
Other institution or organization:
What is the primary student information system (SIS) used at your institution?
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Conference Attendance
Please check the conference(s) you attended in the last two years:
Please identify any other conferences you attended:
Do YOU typically attend both the Spring and Fall SUNYRA conferences?
Is YOUR INSTITUTION typically represented at the Spring and/or Fall SUNYRA conferences, even if you do not attend personally?
If you have decided not to attend a SUNYRA conference anytime in the last two years, please indicate reason(s):
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Please indicate any other reasons you may not have attended.
Conference Assessment
Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements related to the SUNYRA conferences.
The content present in the conference is applicable to my work and my institution.
The conference length is appropriate.
The conference material and agenda is broadly applicable to all SUNY institutions.
The cost of attending is a reasonable cost for an association conference.
I would recommend attending the SUNYRA conference to a colleague.
Two meetings per year is a good frequency for an association conference.
I attend the SUNYRA conference for the following most important reasons:
Check ALL items that you consider to be critically important.
Share other reasons for attending:
Additional Feedback